Our commitment to excellence and a higher quality of life for our customers forges ahead.

TROIS International and TROIS Wellness is now more than just a leading corporation representing a series of “result oriented” beauty and health solutions synonymous with superior quality, safety and effectiveness. It is a corporation and brand that truly embodies its customers’ transformation specializing in weight management, body shaping, skin solutions and internal health improvement towards aesthetic perfection through greater wellness.

Aesthetic perfection through greater wellness is the result of the choices we make in our daily life, both consciously and subconsciously. We often forget that we are responsible for the choices we make. As humans, we deserve to be beautiful and healthy by living our life by choice, not by chance.

Therefore, here at TROIS International, we are ever committed to enlighten our customers on Fact vs. Myth; Real Solution vs. Sales Gimmick; Real Result vs. Make-Believe. Only through right knowledge and real solutions, customers will be able to enjoy good health and lasting beauty – mentally and physically – by making the choices that lead them to their goal.

This year, TROIS International’s dedicated customer service team has specially designed a series of attractive promotions and customer reward programmes so that you may continue to enjoy fantastic rewards with more savings!

I urge you to make that choice, to take the chance, and to see the change in the next one month. Experience that amazing transformation and witness how it is going to change the rest of your life for the better and be a testament to our “Everyday Miracle”!

Lastly, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all our customers for your trust and confidence in TROIS. I would also like to congratulate all our real-life NEMO (Natural Extreme Makeover) Transformation Celebrities for making this world a healthier and more beautiful place to live in.

In all you do, for you and you loved ones, choose to live well towards greater wellness.

Shanon Wong,

CEO of TROIS International Sdn Bhd


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