Who is TROIS ?

TROIS International Sdn. Bhd. (TROIS) established in year 2005, we are a leading home-grown wellness organization specializing in weight management, body shaping, skin solutions, fitness program and internal health improvement.

What TROIS Do?

To enlightens (through education), inspire (through real-life experiences), to guide (through knowledge, skills and experience) and to walk people through the TROIS beauty, health and fitness metamorphosis journey so that dreams could flourish and manifest into reality.

TROIS Signature Solutions

TROIS award winning series of “result oriented” beauty, health and fitness solutions synonymous with superior quality, safe and effective.


Trusted by the Pros

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At TROIS, we’re all about building meaningful partnerships that benefit the health of our customers and partners alike.

Discover how TROIS can work with you to educate and empower your community for healthier lifestyles.

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